Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saturday, September 24th is International Rabbit Day

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c(”)(”) Promote bunnies! Create treasuries! Perhaps see some front page love for rabbits? We hope so.

Some members of the Etsy Rabbits team are already preparing bunny treasuries in honour of this event. International Rabbit Day made the Etsy September merchandising report. Rabbits are a relevant September trend!

You can submit a treasury of your own, which can be published in the days leading up to September 24th, or on the actual day. You can also help by commenting on treasuries other member's have created. Everyone should paste a link to their treasury in the special discussion thread for these treasuries in the team threads, so all members can see and comment. You can favorite each treasury, so members of your circle can see it, possibly comment on it and favorite it as well. If you have Twitter or Facebook accounts that is another way to share these treasuries.

If you are an Etsy Rabbits Team member and would like to have some of your shop items included in treasuries now or in the future, please be sure you keep an item or two in your shop tagged "etsyrabbits team" to make finding your shop easier for treasury makers.

We would love even more treasury creators. If you have the time, please include 4-6 team member's items in the top three rows and tag the treasury with "international rabbit day" and "etsyrabbits team" in the treasury tags. Then be sure to visit the team space and share the link to your treasury in the discussion thread.

Getting involved promotes rabbits, your shop, and it's fun!

Click here for more info how International Rabbit Day came to be.

~ Thanks so much to leader, The Purple Pearl, for assistance in writing up this information.


purplepearl7 said...

The blog looks great rabbittude!

Rabbittude said...

Thanks so much for the compliment on the blog :)