Monday, September 26, 2011

Thank You to All Who Participated in International Rabbit Day Weekend!

Everyone who participated agrees they had a great time creating treasuries to promote the team and International Rabbit Day. It allowed us to get to know each other better and see all the great things being created and offered by team members. It brought more visibility for rabbits, their day, the team and team members shops.

Up through the 23rd, we had 59 treasuries promoting International Rabbit Day / the Etsy Rabbits team. On the International Rabbit Day weekend, the 24th and 25th, there were 23 more treasuries. That gives a grand total of 82 wonderful treasuries!

Many many team members commented, favorited, Tweeted and Liked treasuries on Facebook bringing viewers to the treasuries and team members items. We thank all of you too for your participation and wish we could easily categorize or count the ways you helped. Your assistance was much appreciated.

The treasury makers and a final treasury to thank them*:

Craft Rabbits
Dumans Ark
Grizzly Bear Greetings
Happily Stitched
Jaded Estrella
Jewellery By Jora
Magic Happens Rescue
Matin Lapin
Miss Es Accessories
Murmur Fremo
Nozomi Crafts
Purple Pearl
Three Old Keys
Were Rabbit 2006
Your New Favorite Thing

*Note: Matin Lapin was not included in the treasury only because there aren't any shop listings at this time. Your assistance was much appreciated!

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Vixie said...

I promise to list some rabbity things soon!

Vixie @Matin Lapin